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The usher appeared in "The Dusk of Dawn". He was the usher at the theater that Alexandra takes her friends to watch the her favourite movie "The Dusk Of Dawn" at the beginning of the episode.

Samantha gains a crush on him because she thinks he is a bad boy (the opposite to her goodgirl which attracts her to him) and above authority as he brushes past her with a cold "whatever", and she later witnesses him littering. Sam tries changing her image into that of a bad girl (by wearing a leather jacket and thinking of not doing her homework to defy authority) and flirting with him to get his attention, but these attempts all end in failure.

At the end of the episode, she finally gets to speak to him alone, but he proves to be narcissistic by saying he looks great about himself before even noticing her. However, he proves to be the complete opposite of the bad boy she thought he was; while he offers to give her a ride on his motorcycle some day and maybe take her out on a date, he freaks out and screams when he spots a mouse on the floor and jumps into her arms for protection.

Sam eventually realizes the truth about the usher: he is a complete coward and only acts tough in order to cover up his feelings of insecurity and fear. So she dumps him on the floor before going back inside to watch the movie with her friends.


  • The Usher's actual name is never mentioned in the episode.