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The Wind Tunnel 3000 Tornado Blast Hair Dryer is a gadget that can blow out powerful gusts of wind and/or fire infrared heat rays as well.


It is disguised as a hairdryer. It can also work in reverse and vacuum in large amounts of wind. Geraldine Husk made a copy of the device in "Arnold The Great".

In "Alex Quits", Alexandra proceeds to use it against a thief to blast her into the Web Body Cup. She aimed it at herself and her friends and didn't realize it until she turned it on. Alexandra then uses it to heat up Samantha, Clover and Britney's molecules (that were slowed by Willard) to return them back to their normal speeds. She prepares to use it again to return the citizens in Shanghai, China after Willard used it on them as well.


  • Heat Seeking Hair Dryer ("Vide-o-no!")
  • Laser Heat Hair Dryer ("Spy Gladiators")
  • Thundering Thermal Wave Hair Dryer: silver/white color
  • Wind Tunnel 3000 Laser Tornado Blast Hair Dryer: colored orange instead of pink.
  • Wind Tunnel 9000 Laser Tornado Blast Hair Dryer
  • Wind Tunnel 9000 Turbo Blast Hair Dryer ("Zero to Hero")
  • Wind Tunnel Strength Hair Dryer ("Evil Hair Salon")


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